Five Star Award Winner – 2nd Year in a Row!

For the second year running, I’ve been awarded the Five Star Award for Excellence in Customer Service! I’ve again ranked in the top 5% of agents for customer service in an independent study of all home buyers and sellers in the Sacramento market. Thanks to all of my past clients that took the time to provide stellar reviews! My continued success depends on all of your referrals and feedback, and I’ll keep working hard to make sure that all of my clients receive the best possible service and experience!

FHA Loans Getting Cheaper!

Great news for first time buyers – The FHA has committed to a nearly 40% reduction in mortgage insurance costs for new loans in 2015. Buyers will be able to afford and qualify for more home, which will boost both homeownership and property values across the board. 2015 is looking to be a strong year for our marketplace with low energy costs, low interest rates and favorable policy all lining up to provide opportunity for homebuyers! You can read the details on the premium change here:

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services!

Friends – I’m proud to announce that I’m now a part of the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Family! BHHS has some incredible tools and technology that I’ll be sharing with everyone over the coming weeks, I look forward to connecting with all of you and continuing to be your personal Real Estate advisor. Thanks to everyone for your support and loyalty as my business continues to stride forward. Cheers and have a great holiday season!

FICO changes will improve credit for many Americans! – Article

One of the most common credit concerns that I run across is an unpaid medical bill from an emergency or other unexpected issue. As we all know, just one trip to the emergency room can cost thousands of dollars out of pocket, even with good insurance coverage. Those that don’t have the ability to pay end up with a massive liability that drastically impacts their financial future. FICO is adjusting their credit guidelines to put less emphasis on unpaid medical bills as well as once-delinquent accounts that have been paid off. This is great news for families that are being denied credit options simply because they got sick or injured at the wrong time. This Bloomberg Article describes the changes in detail

Housing Date is Old and Moldy: Bloomberg Article

Why is it difficult to pin down Real Estate statistics and trends? The numbers you hear from media outlets don’t tell the whole story and here’s why:

Considering a Solar Lease? Know what you’re getting into.

Bloomberg just posted a great article about the potential pitfalls of leasing a solar system for your home. If you have a leased system installed, not only does a buyer have to assume the terms of your lease agreement when you sell, but buyers may have to qualify to the solar company’s credit standards. You can read the full article here

Market Update – 6/14

Many new properties for your perusal and more positive news for the region! Both the inventory of property and sales activity are still climbing in Sacramento and Placer Counties, continuing the strong summer season that we’ve enjoyed so far. Values are up 16% over the past 12 months, and this Sacramento Bee article details the areas that experienced the largest gains. With mortgage rates still hovering in the low 4% range, buying power remains strong and continued demand is keeping a slight upward pressure on the market. The outlook for the next 3-4 months is strong and I would expect a continuation of current trends.

Another positive that I’ve seen firsthand is an influx of buyers being transferred to the area. Local employers are more confident and investing in additional resources, a great sign for the region and another source of stability for our housing market.

Finally, new home construction has resumed in many areas and new home sales numbers are increasing. I recently put clients into a new home; I was impressed by quality of amenities being provided standard and the wide range of energy-efficient options. Let me know if you’re considering a new home purchase and I’ll be happy to provide some detailed info on what to look for!